Merci Guatemala City!

Here we are back from the warm and exotic Guatemala City!

Our Guatemala bound was such an adventure we wouldn't know where to start with... From the our amazing guides Juan Carlos and Jean-Maurice (yes he speaks French) to the fun shaking bus rides (very good for the cellulite I heard), the amazing hotel we stayed at (Panamerican Hotel) and the wonderful meals we shared... Everything was so well organized...
We did have a little glitch but who gets destabilized by the show's set arriving at the theatre 1 hour before the show starts?... Certainly not the Versatile Demoiselles! And it's with a great excitment and pleasure that we performed our 2 shows at the beautiful Teatro Abril, bringing for 2 nights "un air de Paris" in the heart of Guatemala City!

One advice though... If you ever travel to Guatemala, don't forget you'll be on latin time ;)


Enjoy the photo album below for a short trip with us back in Guatemala!

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