Cabaret Versatile has been running for more than 2 years and it's great to feel the outstanding support some of you gave us from the beginning!

With a successful kickstarter campaign thanks to all our amazing backers, followed with the Hollywood Fringe Festival awarding us with Best Cabaret & Variety show and nominating us for Best International show (when we were so honored to just be part of this crazy arts potluck!), from the critics who bring us support and motivation, to the several artists who have been and still are for many, part of the troupe, but also those who work /have worked with us backstage, adding their print to Cabaret Versatile...
 Finally to you all followers, audience and even stokers :) , we love you and look forward to entertain you all again and again!...
Let's keep being Frenchies, let's keep being Versatile and let us, always, entertain you!

A bientôt!

Lola Ohlala
Cabaret Versatile

If you're going near San Francisco... ♪

Yes the posts are not very frequent here but don't you worry that's actually a very good sign for us! The beginning of the Year 2014 has been quite busy and it's back from our trip to the beautiful northern California that we finally have a minute to update "L'entrée des Artistes"!

Between our Cancan workshops, the monthly performances at First & Hope in Downtown LA and multiple private/corporate events, it was actually nice for almost all our demoiselles dancers to go back on the road for a quick escape to Fremont CA.

Miss Fleur and miss Gigi were the designated drivers and miss Lola copilot for a very smooth trip with a lot of chatting, singing (sorry for the rain but we needed it!) and more chatting...

The fundraiser we were performing for was held by "Music at the Mission" based at the historic Old Mission of San Jose. Their goal is to increase the cultural vitality of the tri-citys it belongs to.

The history of the Spanish Missions in California is actually very interesting and if you wish to learn  more about it check out the Wiki page below:

We had a great time with the committee and members of the audience. It was very heartwarming to meet with people like Mrs Gael Stewart, or council member Bob Wieckowski, who support and believe in the work and passion every artist put into their project before bringing a performance to the lights of the stage.

Let's not forget to thank the Hilton hotel for their giant hot tub we were able to use before diving in their gigantic beds (after a formal pillow fight and more chatting... again...).

Looking forward to our next adventure, will it be for you ?!

Merci Guatemala City!

Here we are back from the warm and exotic Guatemala City!

Our Guatemala bound was such an adventure we wouldn't know where to start with... From the our amazing guides Juan Carlos and Jean-Maurice (yes he speaks French) to the fun shaking bus rides (very good for the cellulite I heard), the amazing hotel we stayed at (Panamerican Hotel) and the wonderful meals we shared... Everything was so well organized...
We did have a little glitch but who gets destabilized by the show's set arriving at the theatre 1 hour before the show starts?... Certainly not the Versatile Demoiselles! And it's with a great excitment and pleasure that we performed our 2 shows at the beautiful Teatro Abril, bringing for 2 nights "un air de Paris" in the heart of Guatemala City!

One advice though... If you ever travel to Guatemala, don't forget you'll be on latin time ;)


Enjoy the photo album below for a short trip with us back in Guatemala!

(navigate using the arrow on the sides of the pics)