New show “FEMMES!” - Next show, Thursday, August 13th

Cabaret Versatile’s new show "FEMMES!" premiered three months ago, and has been highly praised by Angelinos. Performing in the intimate decor of the sophisticated lounge of Sofitel, the multi-talented crew of eleven artists uses every inch of the venue, making French magic happen on and off stage. Director Lola Ohlala says:

"This kind of setup is actually great for the dynamic of FEMMES! French cabaret was originally a show of proximity with the audience, where the performance can be anywhere, from the stage to the floor. We can perform on any stage from the smallest intimate setting to the biggest theatre-style auditoriums with 5,000 guests, all the way up to a Le Mans-Monterey race track!"

Come see for yourself how Cabaret Versatile transforms the Riviera31 into a Parisian cabaret from "La Butte Montmartre." See the preview here.